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How to make sandwich in less time

Sandwich is one of the tasty and healthy food which can be made in less time. All you need to do is you must have the following ingredients with you to prepare your meal.


  • Bread Slices-4
  • Boiled Potatoes-2(medium)
  • Tomato-2(medium)
  • Cucumber-1
  • Green Chillies-6 or 7
  • Green Chutney
  • lemon-1
  • Red Chilly Powder-12 tbspn
  • Chat Masala -1 tbspn
  • Salt
Preparation of Green Chutney
To prepare green chutney we need a bunch of Coriander leaves, Mint leaves and Green Chillies(4).
Grind all in add lemon juice and salt to your taste.
Step 1
Finely chop the boiled potatoes,tomato,cucumber and green chillies(2).
Step 2
Now, add red chilly powder, chat masala and salt as per your taste.
Step 3
Further, spread the green chutney on bread slices and add vegetable mixer in between bread slice.Your sandwich is ready to eat.
Make sure the green chutney be spicy.You can even add cheese slice before adding vegetable mixer.


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